At Glance

PT. Mendeng Utama who has more than 11 years of work and play an active role in development in the homeland is an achievement that is not easy. Many experiences and learning processes have been passed from year to year that bring the company continues to grow and develop in accordance with the company’s strategic plan.

The trust given by various parties (government, private, and individual) has created large construction works spread across various sectors of civil and structural building (office buildings, factories, warehouses, roads, bridges, underpasses, hospitals, schools and universities, housing, etc.).
Commitment of PT. Mendeng Utama to complete every construction work that has been entrusted can not be separated from the role of each member of PT. Primary Mendeng in planning, implementing and controlling the project with various management and construction methods that are effective, efficient, and take into account the OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) standard and work environment.

Gait PT. Mendeng Utama in completing the construction works will also not work properly without good support and cooperation with all partners of the company (material suppliers, subcontractors, banking, and high competence human resources).

As a manifestation of a range of corporate learning and experience processes through efficient technology-management and construction methods, we are ready to provide the best construction services in creating more realistic construction works.

Vision & Mission


PT. Mendeng Utama will be one of the best construction companies in Indonesia with an emphasis on sustainable growth and competence development through the development of human resources, technology management, and good corporate governance.


  1. Improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the construction services industry by developing the best service and technology to consumers in meeting the expectations of stakeholders.
  2. Improve human resource training to produce qualified workforce and create a conducive working environment, and provide extensive employment.
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